Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Steps for creating bracelet sections for enamelling

In this series of posts I will attempt to show my steps towards creating sections of a bracelet ready for enamelling.

Here I am really just exploring ideas for a piece I am thinking about in relation to my residency at Whitby Museum. The images relate to the journeys and explorations of Captain Cook in the Pacific and to other items in the museum's ethnographic collection from that area of the world.

The images I have initially chosen to use to explore my ideas are compass parts, though these are actually part of the Scoresby collection in the museum.

I have also chosen this image of a turtle as there is a turtle shell in the collection with a rather nice story attached to it. I have developed this image from a photograph I took some time ago of a turtle carved in stone. I have converted the image into black and white and altered it slightly to make the lines more pronounced so that I could create a photopolymer plate from the image.


  1. This is looking interesting. Are they for the workshop at the weekend? I am watching with bated breath!

  2. I still have mixed feelings about posting ideas for a workshop.... even though there maybe only you and I looking at this, and you definately don't need ideas as you are generally teeming with them! I have photographed four different pieces which were ideas for panels for a bracelet - although not sure I really like them as a complete piece now, but they will be fine for talking about creating cells to enamel into at the weekend and maybe even enamelling into as a demo. I was trying to work out whether posting them with each step as a separate post worked, but took me ages trying to work out the order. Let me know what you think though - and about whether you think tutorial ideas should be posted at all?

  3. I am very happy that I found your blog- as I searched for inspiration. I am a bit tired of those art-clay-catalouge pictures... I needed fresh approach. Thank you, thank you. Please keep going. :-)

  4. Thank you, that is very kind! I will try and post some more soon :)

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